About Zero-Waste Mysuru

What Is Zero-Waste Mysuru?

We are Zero-Waste Mysuru (ZWM), an informal group of concerned citizens who have come together to conserve and preserve the earth's environment and natural resources, starting with the environment and resources of Mysuru. At the present, we are making two big efforts. The first and primary effort is to improve upon Mysuru's status as the cleanest city in India by promoting sustainable waste management in the city. The second effort is to conserve clean water for the city and, since water can be recycled and needs to be shared, for South India.

Who Is Zero-Waste Mysuru?

Sri Divyesh Nagaraj, Convener of the Mysuru branch of NAREDCO, the National Real Estate Development Council created the WhatsApp group "Apartments Mysuru-NAREDCO" for the purpose of discussing experiences and issues related to waste management in Mysuru. Membership is currently open to officers of apartment-owner associations and resident associations in Mysuru. Others with keen interest can apply. See the Contact page.

Divyesh Nagaraj

Divyesh Nagaraj
Convener, Mysuru Branch of NAREDCO

Creator of and Group Admin for the WhatsApp group. Creator of the Facebook group.

Divyesh N.

Sandeep Kumar Venkateshaiah
Manager at NAREDCO

Group Admin for the WhatsApp group.

Tom Elam
President, Elam & Associates

Creator and maintainer of this website.